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AFNI, Is this enough for a lawsuit.


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Sorry so long.

Sent SOL DV to AFNI in 12/05.

Sent dispute to CRA. Jan 06.

They sent letter asking for specific info mtnair disputes, basis for dispute, supporting doc., valid contact number in Jan 06.

The next day they sent that they verified info. with Sprint, and that the letter serves as verification. Jan 06

Sent second dispute to AFNI in Feb 06, reminding them they are trying to collect on an account that is SOL. (I live in Calif.)

Sent complaint to IL Attorney General, regarding their (AFNI/SPRINT) attempt to collect on debt past SOL. Feb 06

Letter sent from AFNI, again asking for specific info mtnair disputes, etc. Mar. 06

Recevied response from IL Attorney General, they forwarded complaint to both businesses. Mar. 06

Get doc from AFNI, April 06, copies of phone bills from 9/01 to 11/01.

Another Letter from IL Attorney General, which includes copy of letter from Sprint--Sprint adjusted account to reflect zero balance. And asked AFNI to remove any negative reporting. April 06.

Sent letter to IL Attorney General, AFNI still reporting negative info. Apr 06

Letter from Attorney General, letter from AFNI instructing CRA to delete. Jun 06.

Letter from Attorney General, letter from Sprint saying can take up to 120 days to delete. Jun 06

As of 13 Dec 06, CR from EQ, AFNI reports under other (not collection) as:

Account type open, Factoring Company, Paid Collection.

Deleted from other two.


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The Credit Bureau still reporting is really being stubborn and willful. I'd sue both for inaccurate reporting.

I don't know if AFNI ever told the CRA to remove it, just their word in a letter from June.

Maybe I should just dispute tradeline with EQ one last time.

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Well here's the facts...

AFNI was reporting to all 3.

2 out of 3 of the TLs disappeared when AFNI said they'd delete.

It seems more likely that Equifax is not handling it properly than AFNI decided to delete just from 2 of your reports. Seems to me like AFNI kept their word.

Only one way to be absolutely sure though. If this were me, I'd pick up a phone.

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I appreciate what your saying, but.......

The facts are also, before the dispute the TL included a balance of nearly $600. Now it states paid collection and zero balance. How did that happen? AFIN must have updated the acct.

I'll probably dispute with EQ again.

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