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Removing Negitive items after Debt has not been validated


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Hi everybody Im new so please take it easy on me if I ask a question that you know the answaer to but I dont. OK. My situation is this.

I submitted a dispute online for experian and trans union. Both bureaus sent me updated copies of my credit reports. The items that were verified remained. So I wrote letters to these companies requesting they send me Validation. Its been over a month and I recieved nothing. Not to mention, these accounts have already been paid in full but reflect a negitive rating.

After not recieving any info from the original creditor or collection agency, I submitted another dispute online for these very accounts and they came back verified again. HOW IS IT THAT THEY ARE BEING VERIFIED BY THE BUREAUS BUT I CANNOT RECIEVE ANY PROOF OF THESE ACCOUNTS FROM THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR OR COLLECTION AGENCIES??? I think this is a vilation of some sort, what can I do to prove this???? What actions do I take now to get them removed???

PS I thought about small claims considering that these accounts have already been paid and the collectors are all out of state. Is there a cheaper alternative or better way to go about things???

Somebody Pleeease help me.

Thanks is advance:)

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