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Hi Im new but Im sure this is a usual problem

OK I disputed items and when my credit report was updated I sent out a Validation od debt letter to the creditors/ collectors that verified. Its been over a month and I havent recieved anything from these companies. I then disputed these same items again and they came back as verified no change again. How can something be Verified if the creditor cant send me the proof Im asking for??? Send me anything at all for that matter. And to make things even more crazy, I already paid off these accounts. I think thats why they wont take the time out to send me what im asking for, but if thats the case, how are these accounts being verified??? Isnt this some type of vilation??? What can I do to remove these items????

PS I thought about small claims, but is there a cheaper alternative or better way to go aout getting these things removed quickly???

Somebody please help...

Thanks in advance

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First off.....you stated that these are paid. Are they all paid collection accounts or a mixture of paid collections and paid charge-offs??

Are they indicating that the accounts are paid? Is there anything wrong with the way that they are listing the accounts (like the DOFMD, amts, etc.)? Are they listed the same on all three credit reports?

What was the basis of your disputes with the credit bureaus?

Are they listing the accounts as "in dispute"?

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OK Heres what it says

HSBC NV: On experian this account says: Transfered, closed/ account charged off. On Trans Union it says payment recieved after collection

(Unsure of wether I paid this one off or not) My dispute was account not mine/ no knowledge of account.

Kay Jewelers: On Experian this account says: Paid, Closed/ account charged off. On Trans Union this account says Payment after charge off/ collection

(I Paid this one off) My dispute was payment never late.

Macys Federated Departme: On Experian this account says Paid, Closed/ account charged off. My dispute was account not mine, no knowledge of account.

(I Paid this one off)

LVNV Funding: On Experian and Trans Union this shows as a collection account ( I havent paid this one) My dispute was account not mine/ no knowledge of account

Roadloans/ Synergetic Communication: This was a car repo that doesn't show up on public record. It is a current collection account on both Experian and Trans Union. My dispute was account not mine/ no knowledge of account.

OK Now all of these accounts were disputed. They have all came back verified no chane or updated and remain on my credit report. So I sent out Validation of debt letters to all the above mentioned creditors and nothing was sent to me in return. That was over a month ago. So I then disputed these very same accounts and they were all verified again and remain on my creidt report. How are these accounts being verified and I can even get the verification Im asking for. Whats the next step??? What should I do to get these accounts removed??? Is this a crime???

Thanks is advance

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First off I'm going to say, please don't take any of my comments the wrong way. They are meant as clarification statements or questions only. It is really hard to express a "tone" on an internet forum.

It looks like the majority of the accounts are OCs, except the LVNV. Did you send the OCs FACTA disputes? The OCs don't have to respond to validation requests. If there is in fact something wrong with the way in they are reporting the accounts, for example they are reporting different information to all 3 bureaus, then you need to follow the "Disputing with Original Creditors" link at the top of the page. You haven't indicated in your response, if they are reporting incorrectly.

There is no quick fix in credit repair. It can take quite a long time. I've been in it since April and still have a way to go!!!! I would say you are quite a ways off from being able to take them to court over this.

Start with clicking on the link for the Disputing with OCs. Also, you mention that you have an open collection for a car repo. Do some searching for car repos. I don't have any personal knowledge that can help you with this one, but I've read numerous threads on the subject. There are certain steps that they must take, information that they do have to provide you. But if this is still within the SOL, you'll need to be prepared to begin Debt Settlement discussions with the collector. Spend some time in Debt Settlement forum.

For example, try this one:


But do more reading and searching......there really is so much info on all of this!!

Hope this helps some!!!

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