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How can a CA remove, if they don't have your SS#


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I don't understand this part. If I just send them my account number. How can they remove something from your CR with out your SS#.

I received 2 letters back requesting my SS#. Because I did not put it on anything. I paniced because I did not do this, however in all the post and letters I have reading. No one does.

One of the companies (NCO)states they can not locate the matters I referenced. And to send my SS# plus other information. I thought that if they have the account numbers that would be all they needed. I was going to send a 2nd DV. But reading in another post. If I do that, it will extend the 30 days. And that is what they are trying to do!

So now I am totally confused. And panicing that I did the wrong thing and wasted the 65 dollars for all the certified mailings I sent. Plus everytime I respond I have to Certify it again.

I am a newbie, and I am still learning the ropes. I don't mean to not follow the rules. I had to print out the abbreviations just to read all the post. LOL

But I have learned SO MUCH!!! It just gets alittle confusing.



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I have read so much about NCO! It is crazy the things they try to get away with! I just read that they changed their name because someone was coming down on them. That should be against the law. So now what they will do is hit my CR with the new company name! :evil:

I get so worried that I am going to mess this whole process up.:cry: I have been searching this site for hours looking for what the 1-2 punch is.:confused:

I have cent CCRRR to everyone. That is where I think I messed up. I sent to CRA, CA and CO.

2 letters back asking for more info. One letter from someone I did not even send to. I have no idea where that came from.:?

I actually found there is alot of conflicting information on this site. For a newbie like me. It makes us panic!!

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