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question... DV not to my satisfaction

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hello everyone-

i'm new to posting on any forums but i have been reading all this helpful info, and have been working on repairing my credit for a couple of months now and i've run into a problem, not sure what to do next...

i DVed a collection agency for a collection from an apartment complex... when i moved in i signed some papers saying i agreed to pay the penalties for breaking the lease early but when i broke the lease and left early they just agreed to keep my last months rent (which was paid upfront) and that was it... when they sent the DV to me, all they sent was the original agreement info but not the agreement that was signed from the move out... so my question is do i send them a letter back asking for the other documents or is what they sent me enough?... i'm just not sure what the next step is... also i never received any statements from them before it went to collection and they said it was because i didn't leave a fowarding address but i have a copy of the notice of intent to vacate and the fowarding address is on there...

i'm a little confused and i don't know where to go from here... any advice for me? i would really appreciate it!


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