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Can someone help me vacate a garishment

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How can I vacate a garnishment

What do I or should I do to compile evidence or check facts to see if I have grounds to stand on.

Where can I go to see how I need to be served in my state

I also have 3 listings of the same creditor on my Cr plus there CA the OC 3 listings are as follows 1)NA 2) Charge off 3)too new to rate. I have not been in contact with this OC or it's CA in 5 years can they do this

I also have hard inquires on my CR of current OC and CA can they do this with out my verification

And when doing DV I know you dispute with the CRA first but do you have to dispute with all three if they are on all three before you send the CA a DV

Please help, signed I'm new at this and don't know what to do

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