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I am being hounded by NCO for a medical bill that was incurred by my son that resides in another state with his Mother whom I have been divorced from since 1994. I maintain med. insurance on him, always plus child support, etc.. She apparently listed me as the responsible party on the paperwork at the Dr. office. I pay 1/2 of whatever the insurance doesn't and she is responsible for the other. I was sent a bill by her and immediately paid my half. Now this. Obviously she didn't. Do I do a validation on this one?


Agency Address: 605 W Edison Rd Ste K

Mishawaka, IN 465458823

(574) 255-8220

Date Reported: 01/2005

Date Assigned: 11/2004

Creditor Classification:


Accounts Number: 8991XXXX

Account Owner: Individual Account.

Original Amount Owned: $105

Date of 1 st Delinquency: 03/2004

Balance Date: 01/2005

Balance Owned: $105

Date of Last Activity : n/a

Status Date: 01/2005

Status: D - Unpaid

Comments: N/A



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Guest BadAccountant


I had success just calling the OC (doctor) and pleading directly with them. You are in a different spot as it seems that the insurance is in your name and your divorce probably has some sort of split of responsibility, like 50/50. But it may not hurt to call the OC and ask that this be put on your ex as she is the one that took him to the doctor's office and that you didn't even sign anything. (the last part only works for people who don't know much).

Worth a try.

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