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Chevron - reconsideration letter?

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I applied about a month ago for the Chevron card....that's where I always get gas, so why not?

Got a denial letter....no mention of rebuilder.... :-(

Anyone know where I can call or email to ask for reconsideration on the rebuilder???

Any specific names or anything will help, to get them buttered up to give me the card. From what I've heard it's pretty easy to get, although some have to pay something up front to get it (how is that done anyway? do they send a seperate letter or is it in the denial letter or what?)

I don't see what went wrong with not getting approved...I've got a few bad things, in dispute...I've had a couple of them deleted...my scores have gone from 505-549 in the past two months...I do have a couple of positive TL's and some good past TL's....

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