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OC breached original contract and now DJB wants settlement.

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If a OC provided merchandise and the merchandise was defective.

The OC picks it up to repair it and goes out of business and never returns it

is that a breach of contract? After the company filed bankrupcy, years later I have a jdb hounding me.

Also I was unemployed for nearly a year and there was unemployment insurnace on this contract it was also never applied.

I had the naive extra 40.00 a month for insurance.

They did provide the OC contract but none of the payments.

They also provided a slip that 4 men were to pick up the merchandise and

it states I wasn't home but it also states the merchandise was defective.

It was all done during the contract time period as well.

Can anyone comment.

After they sent DV that the contract was mine they also sent

a "we're giving you another opp to pay" letter...

How do I address this one?

I never was able to use my furniture they way it was intended.

1997 was the OC and last payment was May of 98

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Quarter, where are you located?

Maybe I am wrong but I am assuming it was a written contract and unless you are in Rhode Island, or ohio ( East coast) the SOL has passed.

I would send them a letter stating what you said about the merchandise and also inform them that the SOL has passed and include that they should CD all communicatin with you.

Experts please chime in and correct me if I am wrong.

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I am in PA.

I did DV them. I sent letter to BBB and they said they had no record of my account and then this original contract arrived, it's mine. I had a copy of it already and the payments I made, the phone calls I made were on my docs.

But I did not have the two slips of the "pickup attempts" by four guys

all with redneck names like Smiley, BillyBob...

It didn't take four guys to deliver the merchandise.

I had insurance if I was unemployed and I responded to the damaged merchandise in a timely fashion. It ended up being the floor model and was discolored and broken.

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Isn't the 7 SOL up? Are they reporting this on your Credit report? Who is the JDB? I'd use the TICK TOCK you are too late. Its not worth the energy to go back and try and prove you were in the right, when they don't even have the right to the money anymore. They can still try to collect but thats it. You can tell them to P*ss off and don't loose any sleep over it.

They are obviously omitting evidence in the hopes that you don't have the docs to back it up. Does your contract show the unemployment insurance?

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Yes it does show unemployment insurance on my contract. Original and the copy they sent is the same.

It's Wolpoff representing the infamous Palisades.

I have to send it to both of them just to get them to pi&*%$ off.

Thanks guys!

I am so very very thankful for any help.

I have been helping folks at work and am humbled that it says I'm a Senior Member... I may be senior something... but I still feel there is so much to learn.

Again, many many thanks!

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