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Just Starting and Results Already!!


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I just started the CR process on the 28th of Dec. after much reading here. Just since then I have had 4 deletions on EX, 1 was a CAP 1 for $10,000.00, 1 was a NCO for $105.00, and 2 other small "updates" w/ late pays(changed to pays as agreed). My score went from 540 to 573. With Equifax I got a deletion, and an old WFS repo that was showing $13,000 balance w/ $985.00 past due to "0" ,sold to another lender and my late pays disappeared. My EQ score went from 430 to 468. Not much, but better than where I started. TU, I was able to see a "update" on that same WFS account and my score went from 524 to 525, lol. I know these may reappear but seeing them gone today was worth the $9.95, lol.These were all from online disputes and I am still waiting to see what happens with the rest. I have also sent out 4 Pay for Delete letters and have D'Ved a few others. I really want to thank everyone on here that posts regularly with advice and sharing their experiences. I'm sure I'm about to head into more difficult waters and will keep reading here for help. Sending out my "inquiry" letters this week. Thanks again.

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