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TL Info Reads " Unknown Account Name" For CA


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Newbie here!!! .......I have perused this site for 2yrs , and just joined. I have successfully deleted 3 negative TLs each from the BIG 3 thanks to the info on this site. I thank all of you for the great information.

On a 3-1 credit report supplied by my mortage lender there is a collections TL that reads as follows


Type =I

Opened 2-2001


DOLA 5-2002

Collection / CN: UA AIRLINES PAYT 5148 BALANCE 5148

How can a CA be listed as " UNKNOWN" on my CR?

Any thoughts?


BTW- I could not retrieve EFX CR online. I was denied several times

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Dispute as inaccurate/incomplete. The FCRA requires that the bureaus not report inaccurate or incomplete information on a consumer. It also requires that they identify the furnisher of each tradeline. So dispute it.

If they themselves cannot identify the furnisher, the chances that they can legally verify that it is accurate are zilch. If they do verify it, ask them to explain how they could if they don't even know the furnisher's name...

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