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TU won't tell me what verification they recieved

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I just got off the phone with TU. To my surprize 7 things I disputed were removed. Even NCO. No fighting with them at all. After reading all the post. I thought NCO would be the hardest.

Anyway 5 remain on my CR. 1 because they have not responded. and 4 because they were verified. However when I asked, how were they verified, she refused to tell me. I asked her what proof is there that this is mine. I told her that this was not my account! How was it proven it was mine. She said she could not tell me. I would have to contact them.

I did send CA a DV letter they have not responded. But responded to the CRA.

Isn't this my right under law to know what or how it was verified??? I tried to be nice as directed in other post. I did push her and state that under the FCA I have a right to know. she refused.

I told her to re-dispute because these are not mine. NOW WHAT??

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