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I just got approGot Delta Amex in Nov-Received Invite for Jet Blue Amex - Any advice

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I just got approved for Amex Delta Skymiles Gold in November. Received a CL of $1,000 initially. I put about $600.00 on it due to surgery in December. Asked for a CLI on Jan. 1, they increased the CL to $3,000. I plan to pay this down once I receive my employer short term disability payment this week. Then two days ago I receive an invitation to apply for Amex Jet Blue, which I was denied for a year ago. I am tempted to complete the invitation for the Amex Jet Blue to help with utilization for when I go mortgage hunting in a couple of months. I have several concerns and don't want to risk F/R with Amex. My concerns are:

1. Delta Amex Gold just approved in November.

2. Delta Amex Gold is not reporting yet.

3. Just received a CLI on Delta Amex Gold on January 2.

4. Approved for a Shell Mastercard in October with Citibank ($2,000.00 CL).

5. Approved for LOC with BOA of $15,000.00 in November (Used to pay some bills off for better utilization and surgery).

6. Asked for CLI on a card to help with utilization.

With all that has happen in the last couple of months, just wondering if this will cause Amex to due a F/R if I apply for this Amex Jet Blue. I have another card that I would like to BT some to this card for utilization purposes.

I really don't need another airline card. I have The Delta Amex Gold and a Juniper U.S. Airways. The Juniper has a low CL of $1,000.00 and has $198.00 balance. Should I apply for a one of Amex's other cards?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Triggering a F/R depends on how much $$ you make. If you make enough to be able to pay your debts, then you have nothing to worry about. But since you're asking out of (what it seems to be) concern, then that tells me that you don't make enough. In that case, it seems like another credit card is not going to help you; but paying down your current balances will (for utilization purposes). AMEX isn't predictable when it comes to F/R. You never know when you're going to be that person; but carrying high balances on high CL cards would put you more @ risk.

But anyhoo...from my experience w/ AMEX, once you're in, you're approved for almost anything. I started off w/ a Delta Skymiles $1000 CL. W/in a week, I was approved for the Blue Cash ($3000); and then days later, approved for the Clear ($5000). I ended up cancelling Delta though b/c it has an annual fee. Since I've improved (but not completely freed of negatives) my credit, what do I need annual fees for?8] I don't need a CL higher than $5,000 or a total CL more than $10,000. If the credit is for something I can't afford, then I don't need it. However, keep in mind that not everyone's credit experiences will be alike. Don't just rely on this thread for experiences and answers to your questions. Use the search button and even Google them if you have to.

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