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To call CRA or not


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Hello all. New guy here. Just a little background info. I am a active duty soldier currently deployed. I used the link at the top of the page to obtain a CR. I have a BK with a file date of 7 JUL 00. Also, I have several charge offs that have not been paid from 98, 03, and 04. After reading on here I found out that once they have been closed it will do me no good to pay them off. My question is can I call or email the CRA directly and dispute them to get them off my credit report. I know several members here had said to write them and some said to call them. Just unsure what to do.

Thanks for your time

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Hi abadsarge,

Well--my personal recommendation is to send requests for validation to ALL listed creditors. Send this CMRRR if at all possible...not sure it is depending on where you're at. Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested means you get notice that they got your formal request. Hang on to that, proof means a lot so hang on to all papers w/ regard to your debts/bills/etc.

*If you receive NO response for validation, dispute with the credit bureau's.

In your letter you could note that you, "noticed a reporting tradeline on your credit file..." and are interested in investigating what this is in regards to. (Do not admit to the debt)

Make sure you also specify something to the effect of..."this letter serves as my request for validation..." Once you get something back, if you don't think it's yours-dispute it.

The item from 1998 should no longer be reporting on your credit file. (7.5 yrs is the limit unless it's BK or judgment as I understand it) Dispute that item directly to the credit bureau's (all three). Let them know it is past reporting time. As for the ones from 2003/2004, send them validation requests.

If you receive validation forms showing proof that these debts are yours, than you can move on to the "debt settlement" section of the forum.


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