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Tax Lein and Buying a Car

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I wasn't really sure where to address my question so if I need to report this somewhere else please let know. If so then I'm sorry and if not thanks for your help.

We live in Texas. My husband has a federal tax lein that was issued last year for $25,000. I am not included in he lein because we were not married at the time. He owes taxes because of some work he did as a contracted network administrator from 1999-2002. He is currently a full time unemployed student. We have one car that is in his name. He is going to need a car for his up coming job and I to will need one. We were thinking of selling our one and buying 2 older cars. We paid off our current car in 2004, it's a 1999 Honda Civic. I know that by law we are each allowed to have 1 vehicle. My question is how does the transfer of the title work. How would I go about doing this legally? While still keeping the lien (because I obviously can't pay it off if I can't just go out and by myself a car) but the IRS not taking the title so that I can sell the car.

Hope thats not too confusing. Thanks for the help.


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Guest E. Normis Debtor

You can't legally transfer title to the car without paying the IRS because they have a lien on it. Just as you can't transfer title to a car that a bank has a lien on without paying the bank.

However, the IRS will generally work with an individual in a situation such as yours and discharge the lien against just the car so you can improve your transportation arrangements. Contact your IRS consumer advocate and they can walk you through the process.

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