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I have a old Capital One account that had been charged off 2 yrs ago, and they keep posting to my CR that its a CO (charge off) can they do that ?

CAPITAL 1 BK More about this account >>

Condition: Derogatory Derogatory Derogatory

Balance: $2098 $2098 $2098

Type: Credit Card Credit Card Unknown - credit extension, review, or collection

Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff

Two Year Payment History: Legend >>

Now under the 2 yr payment History that have reported to th e CR almost every month for 2 yrs that this account is a CO (Charge off) account. can they do this ? And if so for how long ?

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Yep, fraid so. They're accurately reporting that it was a CO (...this doesn't mean you're no longer responsible for it, or that they'll stop trying to collect, or even that they'll stop charging interest and fees...) and, each month that they report, its still a CO.

They'll keep this up until they formally "write off" the debt, and/or sell it to some junk debt buyer.

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