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EX CR 30.09 % - is this split file?

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I am pulling my CR daily from Experian.com for EX.

Since the last one week my EX report has this to reflect

Credit Summary

Percentage of credit currently available 30.09%

Is this is a split file?

I am pulling my CR from EX since the last 3 mths now, and everytime i had this number as 98.07 % Why such a big gap?

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regarding this issue I spoke to the EX rep today.

his reply

"this is because our system shows you log in several times a day"

Credit is a funny thing to me now

" Rich people don't need it, they buy things outright."

"Poor people don't care for it, they can't afford basic credit forget about bying."

"Middle Class, since the time of man has got screwed in all walks of life"

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