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Judgment - Almost to the finish line


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I have an old judgment that I'm negotiating to remedy with the OC.

Here's where we are so far.

If I pay, they will do the following:

1. File a motion with the court showing that the Judgment has been paid.

2. Write a letter to the CRAs stating that the debt has been paid.


1. Will the Judgment go away or will it show up as a PAID JUDGMENT with a new seven year clock?

2. Can I write the agreement with them to file a motion that the judgment has been VACATED? (I may be confused here because it may be that filing a motion that says I paid is the same thing as VACATING the judgment -- I don't know???)

3. Given the above can I request that the OC file a MOTION TO VACATE as part of the agreement. Does this make the judgment go away?

As you can tell, I want the judgment to come off of my credit report -- nothing negative like PAID JUDGMENT.

I would sincerely appreciate any help as to how I can frame the terms of the agreement to get the judgment off for payment by me.

I appreciate all of the help I'm getting here!

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