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DV question regarding CA & OC


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First I want to say hello and thank everyone who contributes to this unbelieveable site. May God Bless you all, and may everyone have a fantastic New Year.

Here is my question.

If a CA fails to validate a debt within the 30 day validation period, Does the OC also have to delete the negative tradeline from the CRA as well as the CA removing its tradeline.

If yes, what are the statutes, case law or FTC opinion on this?

I only have one negative item on my credit report and the CA failed to validate it, I need to get the OC off now.

Please help.

Thank you,

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No, only the CA must remove their own tradeline*. CAs have no ability or authority to remove tradelines they did not report themselves.

*The law says a CA must report a tradeline as disputed upon receipt of any dispute from the consumer. If your DV letter disputes any portion of the debt the CA is obligated to do this. The law further says the CA must investigate the nature of the dispute and report the results of that investigation within 30 days to the bureaus. If the result is that they cannot verify that the debt is valid, they must remove it from your reports.

They are not allowed to keep reporting the tradeline as undisputed if you have disputed it.

They are not allowed to remove the dispute mark unless they can prove the debt is valid.

They are not allowed to keep the tradeline in perpetual dispute once you have disputed it.

Sam I Am.

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