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HELP!!! Judgment Negotiation in Progress!


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Hello all,

I've done some digging and it looks like the things that I'm negotiating on my side are things that the OC has to do by law anyway!

So, I'm back to square one in trying to get this thing off of my CR. The issue is, are there things that the OC can do to get the judgment off. Depending on the statute of limitations in California, I'm thinking of proposing the following:

a. Dispute the Judgment with the CRAs and have them verify with the OC.

b. Have the OC agree NOT to verify.

c. Send certified proof to the CRA that the debt has been paid

d. Redispute with CRA's based on non-verification by OCa to have the Judgment taken off.


In addition, I have the following.

1. Does anyone know the Statute of Limitations to file a MOTION TO VACATE a Judgment in California? In Colorado?

2. Does anyone have any strategies for a PAY FOR DELETE agreement with the OC to get a Judgment removed from a Credit Report?

It looks like if I pay the judgment, it gets listed as SATISFIED in the public record, which doesn't seem to do me any good? Am I wrong?

I'm looking for a way to frame an agreement to get the thing off!


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