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Class Action v. Palisades Collection

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So in my research over the last few months I have found 1000s of consumers who have been swindled by Palisades Collection LLC.

Due to this fact, I am in the process of locating an attorney who will begin the process of filing a class action suit against Palisades Collection for violations of the FDCPA, however I need support.

I will have a website up later this week for people who have had dealings with Palisades in which Palisades has violated FDCPA. I just purchased the domain and will have the board up later this week. Check it later if you are interested in becoming a part. http://www.palisadesclassaction.com or email support@palisadesclassaction.com

PM me if you have any other questions about palisades.

Here is an intersting quote from their last 10-k (SEC annual report)

"Any of these consequences could adversely affect our ability to acquire consumer receivable portfolios and operate our business.

Class action suits and other litigation in our industry could divert our management's attention from operating our business and increase our expenses.

Certain originators and third-party collection agencies and attorneys in the consumer credit industry have been subject to class actions and other litigation. Claims include failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations and improper or deceptive origination and servicing practices. If we become a party to such class action suits or other litigation, our results of operations and financial condition could be materially adversely affected."

Help me stop their FDCPA violations!

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Inaccurate reporting, willful noncompliance of FDCPA / FCRA, Multiple Violations of FDCPA, specifically communication of a debt to a 3rd party, unfair practices, etc. The motive of the board is to see if there is a pattern to their violations, and file a class action based on that.

Basically this is just a preliminary investigation. I need to verify that the suit is classable. To do so the class must be so large as to make individual suits impractical, there must be legal or factual claims in common, the claims or defenses must be typical of the plaintiffs or defendants, and the representative parties must adequately protect the interests of the class.

I am working on creating a website dedicated to the fight of palisades collection.

The website will be : http://www.palisadesclassaction.com

The web forum will be : http://lawsuit.palisadesclassaction.com

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As for their quote, they truly should've thought it through prior to falsifying 1000's of alleged AT&T Wireless accts!

I can't tell you how many people I've met who say, "Hey, I got a Palisades Collection reporting on my credit reports, they say I owe AT&T Wireless some money, but I've never had AT&T Wireless!!" I'm telling you, it's wrong. The scary part is, after several years go by who truly "remembers?" I mean, with the right software they could drum up any darn "debt" they want and some people who don't know any better, pay that crap!!!!

I finally got them off my CR's by reporting them to the FTC, AG (their state-NJ and mine) and BBB. I also did an ID theft complaint. But I had to wonder something...if these accts weren't faked, where the heck are all those cell phones?? Who did all thost accts? Scary. I'm wondering if we couldn't call the FBI.

GO GET 'EM!!!!


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Guest vertgo

Hey everyone. I saw that palisadesclassaction.com led nowhere, so I got the domain name. I talked to other people who have the same problem, and I think now is a great time to do a class action lawsuit.

If anyone knows a lawyer, let me know, but I will be on the lookout for one myself.

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