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Verizon landline 1998


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Fiance just got a collection letter in mail from AFNI. This is for a Verizon land line in a county about 2hrs from where we live. Well being mad he called them up. It was from 1996-1998 for 759$. We got the address that it went to. We never lived near there and pinpointed it to step-mom. We have proof of where he lived in that time frame but AFNI told him to file police report, send copy of photo id with s.s.# and docs of proof of residency.

We also talked to Verizon and the lady told us that you can just call for landline # and give ss# and if no red flags come up they connect it. So nothing was signed. And she said with this being old and sold she has no record in her computer but may have it in another dept.

Now going over Ohio SOL

Open Acct.: 4

Sales Contract (UCC2-725)

Written Contract: 15

What would phone fall under?

And fiance sister who works for a collection agancy is telling him that date of last activity falls on date that AFNI bought it so it can report on CR also. She said she collects on 10 yr old accounts andreports them even if no payment.

Should we DV since he did call and open can of worms?

Is it open or written contract?

As far as we know never a signature. Which would not be his anyway.

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As far as to the SOL for a phone service, I can't answer that question for you. But to your sister's comments regarding the being able to report it on your CR, that is just frankly bull****!!! The Date Opened for a Collection Account can be reported as the date that they purchased it, but the DOFMD (which is how the 7 yr reporting period is determined) never changes and this acct is no longer eligable to be reported on the CR. If you have proof that you did not live there at the time, I would just send them a well worded Cease and Desist Letter telling them to go pound sand. If they continue to contact you after that, or even put it on your CR, you've got violation damages!!!!!

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We never lived near there and pinpointed it to step-mom.

This is easy to fix. Do as AFNI said and file a police report for Identity Theft. And send a copy to AFNI, Verizon, and all three credit bureaus. By law, they must permanently remove it from his credit reports and cease collections once they get this. They are also prohibited, permanently, from selling or assigning it to any other entity. That's the law.

The vast majority of IDThefts occur from someone you know or a relative. The fact that she racked up a near $800 bill using his SSN to fraudulently get services should be an indication that she isn't on your side... so don't feel bad about reporting it.

Oh and don't let them BS you. Phone service is not a written contract for SoL. It's an open ended account and only after it has become delinquent. Prior to delinquency it isn't even a credit account because phone companies make you pay 30 days in advance when you initially set up your service. Until you are more than 30 days delinquent, they owe you money. Written contracts have a set amount with set payments and an end point where it is paid off. Open ended accounts have revolving debt where you can rack up charges and pay them off each month.

Sister is also DEAD WRONG. AFNI does not get a new reporting period just because they bought it. They are required by law to use the same original date of delinquency as the original. They do NOT get a new 7 year reporting period, only the balance, if any, of the original. If she thinks differently, she better go back to school because her finance teachers taught her wrong. Sheesh. If this is what they teach in finance classes these days, it's no wonder we have sh*t like Enron happening.

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Thanks for help. The last time I pulled all 3 from Fico (mid Dec.) nothing was on there.

I tried to argue about the reporting with his sister but I just dropped and started doubting myself. I am on this board lurking quite a bit and since I started cleaning fiances credit we got a car (did need a co-sign) and bought a house.

He still can not get a credit card tho.

As for police report I will let him know. He drives a truck and does go by the city it happened in.

Also SORRY MODS for putting this in the wrong topic.

When we/he files report should he file against the address they gave us? This is a 99% sure it was his step-mom since no one else but his ex had his ss# at the time (his ex was in another state but I did toss up that maybe she gave it to HER family member)

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