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Problem with AT&T Palisades

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It looked like AT&T has a collection against me. I am pretty sure it is in error. I had an account from 1999-2006 in good standing (it was converted to Cingular at some point, and to add insult to injury, when I closed that account they charged my credit card an extra $250 for "early termination -took me 4 months to get a refund from them on that!) I have pulled experian and transunion, both have the collection from Credit Solutions Corp, and the original creditor at "AT T Palisades".

I have also been sent a letter from "Universal Fidelity LP" requesting payment. Should I:

1) Request DV from Universal Fidelity LP?

2a) Dispute through the credit reporting agencies?

2b) When these come back as "verified" DV the original creditor?

3) All of the above?

I am worried if I just do #1, then Credit solutions Corp will just assing some other collector and I'll have to do #1 all over again.

Also, FWIW, equifax's "free" annual report is broken... how convenient! They give you a confirmation nbumber but no correspondence after that, no way to log in with that conf number!

Thanks very much for your help!

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Welcome to CIC! Also, welcome to the club of other theft victims of AT&T Wireless/Palisades! If you enter in "Palisades..." into the search site portion to CIC, you'll find our thread. I went through what you're going through. The only thing that helped me was going the ID theft route and sending complaints to the FTC, AT (for their state AND yours) and BBB.

Good luck with this.


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