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False Judgement - Help!

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I have a rather large Judgement on my experian report that does not exist with the apartment complex or the courthouse it claims to have awarded it. So I disputed it with Experian and they said it was verified!!!!!!! I contacted the apartment complex and they said no one had contacted them about it otherwise they would have told them otherwise. The courthouse said the same thing. I mean please! For $6,000.00 I'd be garnished by now and its 3 years old! Is there anything else I can do?

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Experian probably just "verified" it by checking their database against another company's called Lexis/Nexis.

Lexis is a company of court trolls that scour the courthouses for public records, compile them, and then sell them to the other credit reporting agencies.

Your next step is to send a letter to the courthouse asking them the same question again about this supposed judgment. Get the courts response in writing that there is no judgment against you.

With that in hand, send a tersly worded letter to Experian asking them how they managed to verify a public record when the court says it doesn't exist (include a copy of the court's letter) and give them one last chance to correct. If they don't or give some wishy-washy response, take your documentation to a lawyer and sue their pants off.

Experian can be very bull-headed about their reporting responsibilities, I find the 2x4 is more effective with them than the kind word.

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