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Magic Wand?


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Ok...I am not complaining here. I just wanted to point out what happened to me. I have worked very hard on my credit. I have been able to get a lot of old negatives, co and other stuff off my report from what i learned here. I did make one grave mistake in that my hubris and belif judges actually follow the laww came back to get me (another story all toegther but I answered a complaint I wasnt even served and the judge dismissed my case and granted them Summ Dis and didnt even read my complaint with 19 pages of documented precisely- I should have avoided service as they didnt know where I lived and it would have been past the SOL. I have nightmares about it every day. It is for $just over $1000 which might as well be millions).

Anyways, I have 2 recent collections form the last 2 years - the judgement which has just now started reporting and I suspect becuase the CA who won was worried I would appeal the judges decison and a medical collection. I have worked to resolve the medical collection as it was a case of " their biller mistakenly (sure) billing a wrong code and sending the balance invoice to a address I dont know where they made up (hello negligence). Then I have student loans from 2 years of school which have haunted me forever. Anyways, I have been disputing for a long time. These always came back verified. I waited a few months. Tried again. Came back verified and updated from the two reports but the third deleted all the negatives all together. What the heck! I am not complaining but every negative was removed including the SL. I have never been so lucky in my life. I should run out and apply everywhere! (Just kidding:)

My question is can they re-insert the info at a later date? If so, do they now have to notify me?

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