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consider home warranty


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We bought a house and never considered a warranty. Well the real estate company we went through offered it free since we were 1st time homebuyers.

The house was a HUD home but prior to buying (it was approved for FHA) we had to have inspections on everything (thank goodness. As frustrated as I was then arranging everything it all paid off)

We were working on house in summer not yet moved in. Central Air went. We got a whole new unit. Our out of pocket costs around 300$.

Well I noticed when unit kicked off furnace fan was still on. Called and someone looked at it. Recommended to warranty place a new furnace!! Said the part sticking for fan but found something else. Had to show proof of inspection since the something else had to do with heat part of furnace and we had not been living here in a time frame to run it. Well furnace was ok'd. Under 500$

So new air and heat for under 1000 out of our pocket. There are a few things warranty place did not cover.

If we had to do this ourselves with no warr. I do not think we could have. We have no credit cards to back us up.

If you are unsure of a house I recommend to get it. Ours does charge 50$ when repairman gets to house.

Also there is a microwave with exhaust fan that runs outside that is covered also. My mom does not like it and said that is the 1 thing that will last LOL.

Anything that was in house is covered.

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Thanks Susanp. I went to their website and it looks like they have pretty comprehensive coverage options. An out of pocket expense of $75-$125 isn't bad. I guess the days of the $50 service call deductible are gone.

I'll wait to get a quote when I finally decide on a house. Hopefully the rates are reasonable or I'll do you like you suggested and ask the seller to pay for it.

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I liked this one so much that I bought two of them. One for my house on the West Coast and the other for the one I have in TX. It covers it all and you can add an exclusion like a well pump for an extra $70.00 a year. Check it out.

I think for the residential md which covers a lot is around forty a month. Cheap than replacing an ac unit or something else major.

Residential MD

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