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Well I am just now starting to fix my credit. I pulled my credit report from EX and found some negatives on it. I did the online dispute with a couple of them. 3 days later I get an email back saying the debt has been verified. This seems to fast for me. I was reading here where it can take up to 30 days to verify. My question is what is my next move? Do I send them a DV letter? The OC is not listed only the collection company. I am currently deployed and would like to clear up my credit while I am over here in order to buy a house when I get back. So if anyone would like to give me some mentorship I will gladly take it.

Thanks for your time


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Did you get my response over on "credit repair" to your post? Here's a copy/paste of it so you don't have to click over...I posted more after to...

Hi abadsarge,

Well--my personal recommendation is to send requests for validation to ALL listed creditors.

Send this CMRRR if at all possible...not sure it is depending on where you're at. Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested means you get notice that they got your formal request. Hang on to that, proof means a lot so hang on to all papers w/ regard to your debts/bills/etc.

*If you receive NO response for validation, dispute with the credit bureau's. Apparently this is what you did first. I would guess they did next to nothing other than call the creditors and say, "He owes this right?" LOL, yes it's laughable.

Anyway, give them (the furnisher/creditor) those 30 days to provide validation and than dispute with all three credit bureaus. Now, if an item is only reporting on one credit report, than in the event that this item/creditor DOES NOT send you validation, only dispute with THAT credit bureau for that item.

In your letter you could note that you, "noticed a reporting tradeline on your credit file..." and are interested in investigating what this is in regards to. (Do not admit to the debt)

Make sure you also specify something to the effect of..."this letter serves as my request for validation..." Once you get something back, if you don't think it's yours-dispute it.

The item from 1998 should no longer be reporting on your credit file. (7.5 yrs is the limit unless it's BK or judgment as I understand it) Dispute that item directly to the credit bureau's (all three-if it's reporting to all three). Let them know it is past reporting time. As for the ones from 2003/2004, send them validation requests.

If you receive validation forms showing proof that these debts are yours, than you can move on to the "debt settlement" section of the forum.


You've found a true gold mine. This place is just a wealth of info and my main suggestion would be to read-read-read because truly, there's many of us that have been where you are. I added comments to the above once I read THIS posting. Welcome!


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