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Cap 1, Fraud Investitgation? What?


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First no matter what I will pay the TL's I incur, even if I dispute them after or before I pay them.

With that being said, Cap 1 is reporting an incorrect address on an account that is showing up on my CRA thru EX, EQ and TU. How do I know this? Cause I called EX Fraud and acted real super stupid and I may be stupid by the end of post.

So because of this inaccurate address, they have never reached me directly and I've never been hasseled by them except on my credit report and by NCO. NCO did manage to find me and I sent them a DV and they have yet to respond or show up on any of my CRA's.

So the Fraud person at EX said that they would contact Cap 1 and tell them it was Fraud and do an investigation.

The only other address this account could have is over 3 years old and it's a po box that I've disputed as not mine and because all of my crappy and semi crappy TL are connected to it, they won't remove it.

So now I'm worried, a little about the Cap 1 stuff but it's been over 3 years and they have been reporting the wrong address.

So folks what would you do in my place?

Do you think I have any hope of removing this account?

Is the reality that now they have my address they are going to come after me?


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There's a little bit of your post that isn't clear to me, so this information might not help.

I have all my mail sent to my PO Box including any and all mail from

Capital One. The first time that I ordered my credit report, it came to my house address instead of to my PO Box. I contacted Experian and asked who is reporting this house address on my credit report. The answer is that there was literally only one of my creditors reporting that house address: Capital One.

I contacted Capital One and explained what I had discovered and that this situation is causing the credit bureaus to list the house address as my primary address. I then said that I would like to request that Capital One please report my PO Box address to the credit bureaus. The agent transferred me to her supervisor. The supervisor put me on hold and checked into what Capital One's policy is on this. She came back and apologetically explained that it is Capital One's policy to report a consumer's house address to the credit bureaus.

Now, for this Capital One account with your name on it to have been turned over to NCO I would think that Capital One would have first tried beforehand to contact you at all the addresses that it has on file for you. But perhaps in a situation where an account is going to be turned over to a CA maybe Capital One tries to contact a person per the house address it has on file instead of the PO Box address that it has on file for the billing address.

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