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I would love to help everyone here like you all helped me.


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In Oct. of 2005 I came here for help. Help is what I recieved. With everyones help I increased my credit score over 150 points, my wifes over 130 points. It can me done, and it isn't that hard, it just takes lots of hard work.

We just bought our first investment property and I have learned tons about financing investment properties. I plan on being able to buy lots more fairly quickly. Part of what I learned is about bad loan officers, greedy banks, and how anyone will lie to you to get a sale. This includes real estate agents working with your banker behind your back, getting lied to about what is possible with your home loans etc.

One of they people I got a quote from became my friend and I was so impressed with the system that he showed me I decided to start working for him. Now I am doing this part time as I have a wonderful full time job, but within 5-10 years I want to be completly in real estate.

I would also like to help everyone here with their loans or help answer any questions quickly.

I do not care if you take my loan or not, I care more about helping people here out no matter who they work with or choose.

This company I am working with is an internet based home loan company. We are different in the way we approach loans. We conduct about a 30-60 minute training session to tell you about the different types of loans. What they can do for you and we help you decide the best loan for you. I do not tell you what loan to take. Once the training is over and your questions have been answered if you would like we can put in an application for a loan. The really awesome thing about this company is that everything you qualify for pops up in one window. They do not show you programs that you do not qualify for, and they instantly show you your estimated closing costs.

Everything is online and you see everything. you are not told what you qualify for from a loan officer trying to sell you the product with the best profit margin for him.

Let me know if you guys have a need for this,

Thanks again everyone!

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Hi! I just read your post and I am new to this whole thing and would love to get some help from someone. To give you a little background info:

I have terrible credit. A few years ago I opened several credit cards, as many as 9 over 2 or 3 years. I have 2 school loans of which on is with a collection agency and the other one is fine, on time payments and up to date. I have also bounced some checks that I am not sure that I have paid for yet. I am in the process of getting my enitre credit report pulled so that I can see exactly what is going on and figure out where to start.

I also have paid off 4 of the cc, 2 were paid off in a charge off and I am about to pay one off next week, again with a collection agency, and then I can begin making more payments on the final card that I still have. Oh I have one that I opened a few months ago that was supposed to be 'the card' to help me to start makiing on time payments but that one i have fallen past due on as well but again I have plans to pay the balance in full next week as it is not in collections yet.

I know this is a lot and it seems even worse now that I have actually typed it but I am in a situation now where I need to clean it all up and repair my credit score. I am getting ready to move in with my boyfriend and shortly after that we will begin to look for a new home but I need to get my credit score up! I would love it if you could help me through step by step in getting this done and what are the best ways to approach it. Maybe your situation was not as severe as mine but I really need to get my credit score up. I am not sure what it is at this point but its pretty clear that it is in the poor rating.

Can you give me some advice?

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