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New To This- Please help me understand how to strategize my credit repair ventures.

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Guest sunnyd3light

I am a college grad, recently married, and expecting. On top of these recent life events, it's a New Year and I thought that I might check my credit reports to make sure that everything is on point... Much to my dismay, I found out that everything is in shambles. :x Since recieving and reviewing my reports, I have found that there are several accounts that are not in good standing because of my nasty step-mother who thought that it would be a good idea to use MY social security and personal information shortly after I graduated from high school. Needless to say, I am now a recent college grad with bad credit that's not even mine. Here's a breakdown:


- wrong address

- wrong former addresses

- 3 charge offs

- 3 collection accounts

- 1 account reporting NA

(those 7 accounts are all closed)


- Social Security Variations

- Wrong Employers

- Wrong Phone Numbers

- 5 charge offs

- 4 collection accounts

(i assume that these accounts are all closed)


*still waiting for snail mail credit report*

Now that I have reviewed this information, I am stuck as to what do I do next? My goal is to have it REMOVED from the files because 1.) it's not mine. 2.) it's not mine. and 3.) it's not mine!!!

After reading the postings here and the credit repair articles on CIC, I understand that I have the right to dispute all of the items that I feel are on my report incorrectly. With that said, I want to know if I go ahead and contact the CRA's first, or the CA's? I know that I will definitely be contacting the CRA's about my personal information that is incorrect, but in the case of the charge-offs and collection accounts, what should I do? Since they are all from CA's and not OC's, is it advisable to just write DV's and wait for responses from all of them? Or, should I just take it up with the CRA's directly? The sad part is that my nasty step-mother who used my credit is now living happily in the Philippines after she tore my family apart..... I'm getting more and more frustrated the more that I have to look at these reports.... please help!

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First things first.

1. Have ALL addresses removed except the current one. A good way is to send a copy of your drivers license with the DL number blacked out. Say you have live there for the last 15 years and claim ignorance as to why other address even exist. Demand they remove others. Also in the same letter, have them use only 1 correct SSN#. Tell them to remove all other variations as they are incorrect. Finally, tell them you are self employed and to remove your employers as well. Wait for these corrections.

2. While waiting for them you can work on the next phase, "NOT MINE" letters you will send to the CRA's. You can do a search and find them. Send those off once the addresses and misc info in #1 are removed or corrected. Some of the negative information should fall off. Wait for the results.

3. In regards to you X-Step Mother, Did she use your credit fraudulently? Did you provide a police report? If not, I would do some research and still file a police report saying she did. You may be able to get the charge-offs and collections easily removed if the actions the X did were without your knowledge. And if she is not in the U.S. anymore, she wouldn't be able to deny it as well. (*hint*)

3. During the waiting time in #2, you need to study up on "Date of Last Activities", Chargeoffs. Before contacting ANY collection agency, know exactly what you are doing. You may be waking up a sleeping giant.

That will be a good place to start. You should be able to do #1 and #3 concurrently and start studying. It will literally save you 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Keep us informed.

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