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Need help with interrogatories in NC

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1. Does charge-offs and selling to a debt buyer qualify as accord & satisfaction?

2. If OC is not on the CR (the JDB Unifund is) can I still state this answer to accord & satisfaction?

3. Are copies of statements and a letter sent to defendant (me) proof that the JDB owns the debt?

4. The JDB claims they have owned the debt since March 1, 2006. The copy of the letter sent to me mentioned above is dated April 3, 2006. I received a letter from a another JDB-LTD Financial Services on June 7, 2006 but I don't have the original letter just the request for validation of the debt. I have sent a letter to LTD requesting a copy. Could someone give some advice as how to answer interrogatories with this info?

5. I have recieved both plantiff's first request of admissions and plantiff's first interrogatories do I answer both or will one set of answers cover both in NC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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