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Hi Everyone,

I am still re-bulding credit. My Fiancee has AAA credit. We will be married later this year but I would like to start borrowing her credit now. I do not want to use the card. Just need it in my name to take advantage of a good credit line to bring my scores/utilization up. I'll put it away or give her my card.

I am having difficulty in finding a card that you can do this with. Could some one make a recommedation? Thanks! JIGGA~

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Have you asked her if she'd be willing to list you as "Authorized User" on any of her cc accounts?

This is what I did with my DH on his Chevron card. Unfortunately, my dh hasn't changed many of his poor money habits so this came around to bite me in the buns and I had to pay it up and it was closed. :( But it sounds like maybe your fiancee is pretty good with money so you'd be safe doing this...hopefully she would be to? That's one idea anyway.

Secured CC's are another good choice because they allow you to have something that's in YOUR name. I have a secured Orchard card that I've been truly happy with.

Without more info on where you're credit is NOW, it'd be hard to suggest much else.

Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials by the way!!!


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