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Merchant's Credit Guide Co.-A Debt I Never Heard Of


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Got a letter from these jokers the other day. Claiming that I owe them $500 for an oil co. credit card, which I have never had and has never shown on my credit report. They are graciously willing to settle for 1/2 right now, or 70% over 3 months. I had to laugh at this point.

They claim their client is LVNV. I've never received anything from anyone other than this "Ken Hughes". The red flags starting flying in my head so I went to www.ripoffreport.com and found tons of information about him AND them.

So I sent off a letter to them and one to the Illinois Attorney General. I will be sending one to my state's AG as well.

More people need to complain to the Attorney Generals about this outfit, there needs to be a class action suit against them.

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Claiming that I owe them $500 for an oil co. credit card, which I have never had and has never shown on my credit report.

If you never had this account, send them a terse letter saying so. If they press the issue, file a police report for identity theft and send them a copy. Id theft reports do not require you to identify the person(s) that used your SSN to fraudulently obtain credit. As long as you are sure you never had the account, this puts the CA totally on the spot to prove up or permanently cease all collections and never try to resell it to anyone else.

Keep a file. If you are later contacted about it by another collector after (if?)you send a police report, you can sue the collector that passed it on for violating the ID Theft provisions of the FCRA.

And to explain how this may happen... The CEO of Experian recently admitted that if someone applies for credit with a stolen SSN with a different name on it, Experian will make a new file under the new name. The real owner of the SSN would never know their number had been used by a fraudster until debt collectors come knocking.

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I have an update:

LVNV Funding/Merchants Credit sold the account to another company. The new creditor (I forgot their name) sent a letter, with a "validation" page containing nothing more than a balance from Merchants Credit.

So this is new. I'll DV the new company and find out if they sell to someone else. This is worse than confo flipping.

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Okay, Resurgent Capital Services of Greenville SC says they are representing LVNV funding. The "validation" page lists the previous creditor as Consolidation usa. Very strange because the last letter came from Merchants Credit, who claimed to represent LVNV.

There is a page about privacy notice from each of the "Sherman Companies"

Sherman Acquisition, LP

Shermin Acquisition, LLC

Ascent Card Services, LLC

Resurgent Capital Serivces, LP


LVNV Funding, LLC

Sherman Acquisition II, LP

Sherman Acquisition TA, LP

Ascent Card Services II, LLC

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