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CRRR Question

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DH has 6 accounts with one CA reported to CRA's. It is Medical collections and we live in Florida. I have read about FL medical privacy information trumps HIPAA so I could use some advice on how to frame my letter.

When I send DV letters for that CA, can I send 1 letter CRRR referencing each balance and account number? Or should I send seperate CRRR for each account? If I should send them seperatly should I send them all at once or space them out?

Trying to save a few bucks at the post office but not if it would benefit me to send them seperatly.

Any thoughts anyone?

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I have a good DV letter, just questioning if I can put 6 accounts in one certified letter or is it best to send 6 seperate certified letters?

Although you can probably save a couple dollars including them all together...for paper trail purposes, you would be better off sending them separately with each having their own CMRRR.

The Aussie

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