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Verizon Wireless Problems


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First of all I want to thank everyone for their information. I have been on this long year of credit repair. I have had 9 negative things removed from my husband's credit report without having to pay a cent. I haven't even starting on mine (my 4 yr SOL will be up soon)!

The problem I am having on my husband's report is a Verizon Wireless charge-off for $314. They have never tried to contact him for this bill. The date closed on Equifax is 4/2001, but on Experian it states Date of Status 4/06 (is that the same as date closed?). And TU states Date closed 3/04. What is my next step? I had sent a letter and called Verizon, they sent me a fraud packet, and I don't want to send copies of driver's license and ss card. SOL in PA is 4 years, and I asked for a copy of the signed contract. I was told that PA doesn't need to provide that information as requested.

Now my report is stating a Verizon Wireless for $1000. Years ago a co-working of mine was going thru a divorce and I agreed to open an account under me, but she was to be billed at her address and pay for it. She told me that she had paid the $175 termination fee. Now her address and this bill is showing up on my report. Again I was sent a fraud packet from Verizon. When I dispute that the address isn't mine and that it is linked to that Verizon bill, it comes back verified. How do I get the address removed so then I can get Verizon removed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, I dance everytime something gets removed from dh report. This feels like it's a fill time job.


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The date of status is the last time the account was reported to the bureau and has nothing to do with date of deletion. It does hurt because for some reason, FICO picks up that date of status and treats it like a new collection. (I have had my score drop up to 20 points when I challenged a dormant collection and it was verified.)

Date closed is 4/2001 which means the date of deletion is 4/2008.

I am not sure about the effect of filling out the fraud packet. I got the same response from Cingular. I simply argued with the man about how it couldn't be mine and my 'evidence' to prove that. (He did send me DV info). Eventually, I guess he decided to believe me and he deleted both accounts. :mrgreen:

It took months of emails back and forth, but it worked. I would tell them that it is their responsibility to prove it IS mine not my responsibility to prove it is NOT. Also, politely state that there are so many questionable CAs out there and you have NO way of knowing whether they would use the information that you give them to change their files in a fraudulent attempt to 'make' the account yours (on paper) and you hope they understand your reasons for protecting yourself. :rolleyes:

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