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How to prove/show acct not in dispute

getting my house

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I am in the middle of disputes with the 3 cra's -

as of this morn TC shows only 2 CA's in dispute but not with all 3 CRA's

CA 1 - in dispute with TU - even though it was updated 1/11 per TC

CA 2 - EX "Customer disputed account - reported by subscriber" but the date is not updated

EQ "Consumer disputes this account information" Paid collection

None of the OC's are marked in dispute according to TC

Went to EX website and only 2 of the 5 TL's I disputed show an investigation

TU's website shows nothing in dispute

EQ - can't get in because of the investigation

So do I print copies of TC to show items not marked in dispute

Print from the CRA's websites or

Order copies from the CRA's

So I can show they were not marked in dispute


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Did you send disputes to the OCs as well? If not, that is why they are not in dispute. Subscribers can update only their own tradelines, not ones reported by another.

So if you sent your dispute only to the CA, then only the CA's tradeline will be reported as disputed by the CA (if they are following the law).

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I sent my request for investigation to the CRA's and I only sent a letter to one CA stating they were reaging http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=260793 -

On EX 2 OC's are shown in dispute but they are not shown in dispute on TC and one of the CA's is shown in dispute on TC but not on EX.

Re: the OC's - I was following "how to get an OC removed" from the home page of credit repair http://creditinfocenter.com/repair/DisputingWithOriginalCreditor.shtml

that says you must dispute with CRA before sending a dispute directly to the OC - Did I misunderstand that?

But the question still remains - do I print out the pages from TC, CRA's or request report from CRA while the investigations are still open?


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