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X-RAY PICS....Don't look if squeamish.


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Hey guys. This is my daughter's arm as of last night. ER doc looked at it and told us to consult ortho today. Waiting for them to call me back........appt. desk is being manned by a total biotch who insists that she can't be seen until Thursday unless she is a surgical candidate. :roll: Yet, I have the xrays in my possession. How in the hell do they know if she is a surgical candidate without seeing her today? Apparently the receptionist is telepathic. :evil: Tell me folks, would you want this seen today?????????



*** I can't seem to get them edited. I edit them, and they appear edited in photobucket, but when they post they show up with the name back on them???? Got to run pick up kids at school. Will try again shortly.****

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:shock: yeah she needs to be seen today! i think there is a surgery in your near future...:?

Me too. Just got off the phone with the receptionist again who tells me she has called the dictation line at the ER and understands that the bone is "moderately angulated". :? Moderate? So, what does a severe angulation look like? Sticking thru the skin I assume.

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You need to alter those pics. Black out the medical provider's name AND the accession number on the film (the accxxxxxxx). With that info, some scumbag could get all kinds of information you don't want them to have. Sounds crazy, but it's all too true, better safe than sorry.

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