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Suit Threat (worked for me)

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This is a real attention getter -- and if nothing else, gets some work done in advance in case you do have to go to court. And you have to know how to prepare a legal document...at least passable for draft stage. There are examples out there...most fall under "Complaints."

Anyway, a doctor's office and (in-house) CA kept pointing the finger at each other, and Equifax kept reporting. Blue Cross dropped the ball on paying and I was stuck in the mess. So I named them ALL as defendents (I'm sure the doctor didn't want Blue Cross hauled into this mess). Plus I put four employees, including two of their docs on my subpoena list (the two who treated me, though they had nothing to do with the billing mess -- good theater if nothing else).

Wrote a nice cover letter to the Registered Agent (recipient of lawsuit materials) and just told her I was "tired", this has drug on long enough, attached is the draft complaint, but I was open to talking if she wanted to. Otherwise, I would file on Monday. I faxed it off.

Within 30 minutes the phone rang. It was the CA Mgr and the Registered Agent was her boss! They were deleting and would send me a confirming letter today.


1) Shows you mean business and know your way around a courtroom

2) Make it clean and professional

3) Cite law, cases and penalties

Sad that the courtroom is the only thing that gets results, but you gotta do...well, you know the rest.

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