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What I Want to Put in My Suit Cover Letter (But Won't)

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Taking a break from sifting through 305 (!) documents related to their violations to decompress and write what I'd really like to say. I haven't filed yet.

Dear Owners of a New Plastic Backhoe:


The fact that y'all couldn't report a tradeline correctly to save your lives is now a matter of public record, free for the searching by anyone with a PACER account.

Are you happy now?

I'm not. I'm pissed as hell that I was denied a credit limit increase on one card recently and had my credit limit cut recently on another simply because you can't report tradelines.

Since y'all keep digging yourselves in deeper with every update, I thought that a backhoe might help y'all in that regard.



encl: backhoe, waiver for service of summons, conformed copy of complaint, local rules

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