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Will the real score please reveal yourself.


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Thanks for the reply, that is what I figured.

OK - here is the scoop about my credit. In September my EX was 520. Since then my student loans were rehabed and the default is off my credit report. I have made 4 on time payments to the new lender. I have a gas station card with a 250 limit and a 30 balance. I have made all those payments on time. I have a CareCredit card with a 0 balance for upcomming dental bills, but I plan on only using 100 of the 1000 limit. I just felt I should use it and then pay it off right away. These are the only open accounts I have. I have a paid judgment from 2003, 3 paid charge offs and 2 that are not paid, all from 2001-2003. In order to improve my credit more, should I try and apply for other credit and what kind of credit do you think I would be approved for? I only want to use them sparingly to improve my score. I got a pre-approved my Legacy Visa for $300 limit that I would like to try and avoid. Since I have only 2 revolving accounts and 1 installment account. Is that good enough to keep improving on? I have $2000 saved to buy a condo when I feel my score is up to snuff.

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