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If I pull my report from Ex & Eq each day - question

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Actually I purchased a monthly unlimited credit report access. 9.95 each month a piece.

I stated this once before, but I signed up for a freecreditreport.com freebie once and TU insists that someone tired to get my report without my knowledge. I don't find this to be so and they won't allow me to pull a report electronically now. If anyone can help me to get TU to change their process that would be great. So unlike the rest of you that can choose a product like

TrueCredit, I cannot. So, I purchased a daily visit package with Ex & EQ at the price of 20.00 a month.

I notice my score only changes monthly though.

I was hoping I could accomplish the same effect as TC that the rest othe bumping world can achieve. I will cancel it if it doesn't help.

Nascar - I recently went to the worst hairdresser... she chopped me up and my long hair now looks like I pulled it out.:shock:

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...and use the report # from your most recent EX report. Just continue to use that to access your real-time EX report. I've been using the same report # since March 2005 to dispute TLs and personal information (like addresses and phone numbers). Hasn't failed me yet.

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I did (about 3-4 months worth of daily pulls) before I learned that EQ will delete the inquiries upon my request.;)

EarthAngel, Do you just call them up and ask to have them deleted? The ones you ask about are they over or under 2 years old?

TU and EX are at 3 and EQ is at 9 for me I would love to get EQ down to 3 also.

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