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Hello all, Just wanted to let you know my story(ies). I am probably going to break the one thread/one question rule but am really excited right now. so here is my story.

I found and joined this board a few weeks ago, after deciding that I didn't want to rent a house anymore, and that it was time to buy one. So I go looking for a loan. I already knew I had awful credit from just giving up on paying bills years ago, but I tried it anyway. So the lending company pulls my cr, 6 "baddies" but they are mostly very little amounts $80-$500. They were only concerned with a , uggh, Cap1 charge off. The lender wanted a letter from Cap1 stating that it had in fact been charged off. In looking online for something of that nature, I found you guys! While I am waiting on a response for a DV from Cap1, and thought while I am at it I will DV the others. I didn't even put hardly any effort into them, I just used the form letter from here, and didn't even send them out CMRR, but a month later I get a report back stating 2 of them have been deleted! YAY ME! Now I am really motivated to get everything off my reports and have nothing but nice positive things on there, thanks to you guys!

One of my questions is now that one of the big three has deleted something, and they are sending the deletion to the CA, will the CA take it off the other CRA reports, or do I still have some leg work left?

Question #2 I received a letter from another CA for something that is WAY past SOL, but what's throwing me off is that it is not showing on my CR, and they don't even have my first name, they are using the first initial of my middle name. So should I even bother with that?

Thank you, so much for the help, and wealth of knowledge that you guys are sharing. I really didn't think I could do anything but sit around and wait for stuff to fall off, I am now so addicted to this site, I am on it everyday, reading and jotting down notes, and waiting for the mail to come, to see if there is anymore good news! No more hiding from the mailman for me!

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DV from Cap1

You sent DV to Cap 1?

Did you mean you disputed with the CRA?

You don't send Debt Validation to Original Creditors.

A little confused here.

About the CA's deleting. The CA's may have bought the debt. If the OC's deleted because they couldn't match or find the information neither should the CA's when you send them DV and they have to provide you information they have to get from the OC.

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