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I have been a lurker for some time and have been applying the information here and have built my experian score from 550 to 650 in the last 9 months!

Here is my issue. I was involved in a bitter child custody fight from 2000-2002. Ultimately I prevailed, and have been raising 2 awesome girls.

During the divorce (I had sole custody) the ex apparently took the kids willy-nilly to the ER and to doctors. She would put my billing information down, but never provide my insurance info, and listed her own home and phone number as the billing address.

During the past few months when most of the activity on my report was being done, I started getting phone calls regarding visits to ER and therapists that I was not aware of. These apparently happened in 2001 and 2002.

I have disputed these with the CRA hey have and they have "verified" them. I cannot get anyone to send me copy of the bill (contacted the collectors directly). No one could explain to me why 5-6 years later they are coming after me.

So, the first question, is this my bill? Can just putting my name and SS# make me responsible?

Finally how do I deal with this. I was never informed of the bill, and never received the bill, and did not even know until just now!

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Contact the original creditors if you haven't already done so. Being that they're medical providers, you have every right to a copy of everything in the file - including names, addresses, telephone numbers, and even signatures authorizing treatment.

If she signed your name to anything, provide a copy of your signature for comparison to show the one on the bills is not yours. If she signed her name, all the better in proving them not yours.

You also have grounds for a civil action against your ex. She may rebut claiming the SOL has ran out, but the SOL doesn't start until you become aware that a wrong has been done. Since you just found out about it you're still good to go. Seek judgment either making her responsible for the bills or for payment to you to cover them, as well as restitution for the damage done to your credit. It would be best if you got the order making her responsible for the bills, as then you could provide a copy of that to the CAs and CRAs and have it removed from your file. This does work; my sister did the same thing over a phone bill a roommate had run up. She sued, won, and provided the CA with the order and the account against her was removed.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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