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Disputed Collection Still Showed up on Credit Report


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Long story made short:

I had about $200 in hospital bills that I was disputing with the hospital. I refused to pay the charge because it was for a service I never received. They sent me to a collection agency, and I disputed it within 2 days of receiving the letter from the CA. The CA sent me a copy of the exact same bill that I was refusing to pay. I wrote them back, explaining my position, but they didn't care (of course). I finally just gave up and went to the hospital and paid the fraudulent charge becuase I didn't want it to show up on my CR. I paid the bill within 3 weeks of the date the CA sent me the letter.

That all happened a year ago. I checked my credit report yesterday and 2 of the 3 show it as a paid collection with a comment that says "Meets FCRA".

So, what the heck is the deal with that? I thought if I disputed it, they couldn't report it. Especially since I paid it within the 30 days. Help!

OK... so I didn't make the story that short. Sorry.

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