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Charge off account and Collection collecting twice


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My First Premier Credit card was charged off,then sent to an outside collection office(ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICE), I have both showing on my credit report.Can both of these show up?

Account charged off/Past due 120 days. $383 written off.

Date Opened:


Type: Revolving

Credit Limit:$300

Date of Status:11/2004 Terms: NA

High Balance: $383

Reported Since: 08/2002

Monthly Payment: $0

Recent Balance: $0

Last Reported Date:10/2006


Recent Payment:$0

Your Statement:NA

Account History:

Charge Off as of Oct 2006, Nov 2004 to Aug 2005

120 days as of Oct 2004

90 days as of Sep 2004

60 days as of Aug 2004

30 days as of Jul 2004

Status:Collection account. $516 past due as of Jan 2007.

Status Details:

This account is scheduled to continue on record until Apr 2011.

This item was verified on Dec 2006 and remained unchanged.

Date Opened: 10/2006

Type: Collection

Credit Limit:$383

Date of Status: 12/2006

Terms:1 Months

High Balance:NA

Reported Since:12/2006

Monthly Payment:$0

Recent Balance:$516

Last Reported Date:01/2007


Recent Payment:$0

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