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Trans Union MOV?????I am so angry!!! HELP!!!

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I wrote a DV to all CRA on December 15, 2006 Mailed CRRR on the 16th disputing some accounts on my CR.

I called Transunion on 01-04-07 to speak to someone just to see what was going on. The lady told me somewhere deleted. Some where verified. And 1 company has not responded yet.

On Jan 9, 2007 a CR was printed and mailed to me. This CR is from the phone conversation on the 4th of Jan. On this CR 2 companies were "verified".

Financial Recoveries

United Revenue

I called TU at 9 am today and requested MOV and Assignment letter. The representived told me she does not know the MOV. :confused: I asked her what she meant? She stated she does not know how the MOV was conducted. It could be automated or a written letter.

I said ok. Well you "verified" the account Tell me how you "verified" the account that is is mine and all information is correct! Since I have disputed these accounts. She could not tell me! I freaked!!!!!! She said that it is not TU responiblity to verify the information. It is the CA responibilty. I said to her they are reporting incorrect information and that TU is not doing anything to make sure the information is correct and they are printing it. And she can't Delete it. She switched me to a Supervisior.

I explained to the supervisor That these items were "verified" by transunioun. I want to know the MOV. How did TU verifiy that this information is correct and that it is mine. She said it was all automated. I said so you never spoke to anyone, never saw any proof that this information is correct., and relied on information on a computer!!! She said NO, they rely on the creditors to provide the correct information. That I would have to contact the OC and the CA for verifcation. I told her I had contacted them and they received my DV and have not responded to me or they sent me a bill, and that is not proof. :evil: :evil:

She said I am sorry but they are the subscribers. So I said Oh I see how it works. TU is owned by Financial recoveries and United Revenue. She firmily said NO! I said that is the case because I have proven that these are not verified. but because these companies pay for a subscription. The information they provide is correct because they receive money from these CA. :p

I informed her that the information they are reporting is incorrect and it is preventing me from getting a car, insurance, and a job And TU refuses to correct or delete the incorrect information. This was in violation of the FCRA and FDCPA. :evil:

She said I could redispute. I asked her how many times do I have to dispute this information, Till the cows come home. i live in the city the cows are not coming home anytime soon.:p

I told her she was in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. And that on February 1, 2007 I will be filing a lawsuit against TU and the CA for violation of this, Slander and will hold TU liable for reporting incorrect information! :evil:

I now have to call the other 2 CRA and I am scared that the same thing will happen. One has Equifax has not even responded! it has been over 30 days!


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I did perform a search on MOV. I have stated to them that verifying numbers is not verification! I did as it told me too. I called them. and requeseted MOV. I had all the information right in front of me while on the phone. I did the 1-2 punch and got them all on violations. But that won't get it removed from my CR. :evil::confused:

I have been following the rules. I am not being nasty with you, Just angry with the companies. I have done months of research! I am following the rules. the CRA and CA and CO are not!

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