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How many CA's can collect on this?


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Ok first CR pulled on 2002 shows OC ( Verizon ) reporting $206 sent a letter not CMRRR questioning the balance ( back in 2002 I did not know any better) no response,

2003 the same account showed status as of 09/1999 charged off as bad debt; account opened 02/1999, closed 09/1999

in 2006 and finding this site became more savvy xdancex and pulled my CR althought Verizon is no longer showing it seems that Pinnacle Credit Services is reporting the debt I DV them disputed with the CRA ; The CRA deleted the listing but at the same time that Pinnacle was reporting the debt there was also another CA named The Bureaus listing the same account thought it showed Pinnacle as the OC.

after DV them ( Pinnacle) and when the couldn't Validate I sent them a ITS letter, they sttoped listing the debt themselves

I DV them ( The BUreaus) but no reply, in Jan 2006 they listed as

Collection reported 04/2005

assigned 2004

client Pinnacle

amount $206

date of first delinquency 11/2004

in Jan 2007 the CR reads the same I know I'm going to DV them again and follow up; the problem I'm having is Verizon was a charge off back in 1999

for what I understand it is past SOL and Pinnacle Credit Services stopped reporting and does not try to collect themselves but " The Bureaus" ( CA) is trying to collect and showing up in my CR what are my defenses here?? :confused:

thank you in advance

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It's my understanding that there can only be TWO reportings. One from the OC (which should read a -0- balance along with the date it was CO and last paid on, closed, etc) the second from the CA who actually has the debt itself. If the CA sold the debt, supposedly they must remove their listing on your CR's. Debts are typically sold from collector to collector, imagine the hassle if ALL were allowed to report!

IF Verizon no longer has a TL on your CR's it may be that they "sold" the debt to Pinnacle, and when Pinnacle couldn't collect they either assigned it or sold it to The Bureau's. In which case I do think both would be allowed to report...I THINK.

It may be that they've re-aged to. If it's been over 7 yrs (7.5 I guess) and you have proof, try disputing directly with the CRA's and send your proof that your debt exceeds reporting period.

There may be a letter you can write alluding to the expired SOL on this debt and the fact that it is 8 yrs old. I'm dealing with a Verizon CO to, so I can relate! :rolleyes:


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