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Need help with game-plan.


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I abondoned a few credit cards about 6 years ago and want to finally get this stuff straightened out. I have read a lot using the search tool but every time I find an answer it seems to create another set of questions. I hope I am not aggrevating anyone by asking the same old things.

I have my 3 credit reports and a few questions;

1. How should I handle negative TLs from the OC if the account is in CA?

2. If I have accounts that have been paid in full to the CA, but still have

negative TL what can I do?

Thank you very much.

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Don't give up on the searches, they truly do help. Other people have been in similar situations that you can really apply to yourself as a general "over view" of how to handle it. As for your two questions here are my thoughts...

1. If you have a negative TL from an OC keep in mind, if it's valid info-they have the right to report it. UNLESS there is something wrong in their reporting (amount, date of payment, etc) there isn't much you can do other than wait for it to fall off at the 7.5 yr mark, or write them a goodwill letter requesting it be removed (if you've paid it). Try to remember this to, once a debt is older it doesn't have as negative of an effect on your credit score anyway. If a OC is reporting on a paid debt that you paid via a CA, their amount should read -0- for owed as should the CA's.

2. If you've already paid it, there is little you can do. You could try disputing it now, it's possible if enough time has passed they don't have info to validate the debt and the CRA's will delete...or you could send a goodwill letter to the CA requesting it be removed since it was paid...other than that and again, unless there's erroneous info on their TL, there is little you can do. That's why you'll see it be recommended that the reporting of the TL be considered PRIOR to paying them anything. Once you pay them, they got what they wanted and couldn't care less.

Those are my thoughts anyway.


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