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View EX Free, As Much As You Want

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If you have ever signed up for creditexpert.com, experians "true credit" you can view EX as many times as you like, even if you are no longer a member of their credit watch.

I just realized, if you go to the "my credit center" screen, even if there are no reports showing, you can click "dispute", it will then take you to a verification screen where you verify your address, and then to a copy of your current report as of that minute.

I have not been a member and have not paid for this service for many months now, but was just clicking around to see what would happen and *wham* .. it gave me an updated info cause i clicked on dispute.. It is not a normal report, but a screen where it allows you to click on the items you want to dispute, but it shows the items that are on your report nonetheless. The reason I know it was updated, a few hours ago I applied for WAMU online. It was showing as an inquiry dated 1/18/07

I dont know if you can do this if you have never been a member of creditexpert.com.

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With EX as long as you have a report number (say from a dispute) you can view your report at any time. As long as you have that number, you can view it every day if you wish.

Yes...and this has been posted time and time again. Just click on the link at the bottom of EX's website that says "Review report again". No need to waste your $$ on their monitoring service first b4 reaping the benefits of a 'free' report.

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