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too late to vacate?


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this is my first one so please forgive my errors. I have a friend (no, really, I'll get to my problems another day but this is my friend) has a garnishment hearing scheduled for 02/05/07. Calvary Inv thru Dominion Law Group , Virginia, got default J on 1/31/06. total amt now is 9k +. Her CR says DOL was 10/03 , "amt in hi credit limit original charge off". Ok so here's the wierd part. There was also a gar. hearing 9/5/06 , she did not appear so gar. was granted. Had an atty (not so good) look into it, he discovered there were 2 jdgmnts for same acct so he had 1 dismissed. a few of her checks were gar. at this time but then mysteriously ceased until new summons arrived 12/2006. Garn. has started up again which is legal prior to hearing.She sent a letter by reg. mail in 2005 to the CA asking for info ( didn't know to call it DV then) but of course they never responded. So, is it too late to file w/ court based on DV, SOL, or anything?

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